Undergraduate Student Initiated Education

About USIE
Undergraduate Student Initiated Education (USIE) is an innovative program designed to provide a select group of juniors and seniors with an opportunity to develop and facilitate, under close faculty supervision, a lower division seminar for their peers. The program was created in 2005-06 when a group of undergraduate students approached then Dean/Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education, Judith L. Smith, with a proposal for student-initiated courses.

At the end of its first year USIE underwent a comprehensive assessment and, based on the highly positive feedback received, was extended an additional five years (until 2011-12). Through the commitment and enthusiasm of its student facilitators, faculty mentors, and administrators, the USIE program continues to achieve success every year. As of Spring 2014, more than 130 students have designed and offered their own seminars enrolling over 1700 undergraduates.

USIE Faculty-Student Advisory Committee 2016-17

Elizabeth Bjork, Chair
Professor of Psychology
College of Letters and Science

Lucy Blackmar, ex officio
Assistant Vice Provost
Undergraduate Education Initiatives

Kumiko Haas
Director of Instructional Improvement Programs
Office of Instructional Development

Christopher Mott
Lecturer in English
College of Letters and Science

David Rigby
Professor of Geography
College of Letters and Science

Barney Schlinger
Professor of Physiological Sciences
College of Letters and Science

Conrad Alumia
Undergraduate Student Representative

Naomi Chan
Undergraduate Student Representative