Food Studies Minor

Get Connected
The UCLA community is actively engaged in efforts to inform and support students about issues concerning basic needs, including food security and financial wellness. We have included information below regarding resources and organizations that are available to assist UCLA students.

UCLA Food Security Committee (coming soon)
The UCLA Food Security Committee is a working group comprised of alumni, staff, faculty, and students who are dedicated to addressing food and basic needs insecurity in the UCLA community. Information regarding their efforts, as well as a list of on and off campus resources, can be found on their upcoming website—this includes a comprehensive resource list for students who are experiencing food insecurity.

UCLA Financial Wellness Program
The UCLA Financial Wellness program strives to connect students and staff to low-cost and affordable financial resources. Students and staff have access to on and off campus resources, including housing assistance. For more information, including a resource guide document, please visit their website.

UCLA Community, Non-Profit, and Student Organizations
In addition, there are a number of community, non-profit, and student organizations that address food justice, sustainability, nutrition, and accessibility at UCLA and in the surrounding community. We encourage that students explore resources and support what organizations have to offer—some organizations include: