Fiat Lux Freshman Seminar Program

Chancellor's Research Award
Academic Senate ladder faculty who lead one of these seminars will receive a $1,500 research award, not as salary, but in research funds to support his or her academic expenses, assuming the seminar enrolls 5 or more students. Seminars which do not have at least five students enrolled by the end of second week will be canceled. Payment will be made in mid-November (for Fall seminars), mid-February (Winter), and mid-May (Spring). Funds can be carried forward to the next fiscal year. Ladder faculty are eligible to receive the $1,500 award only once in each academic year. Teaching a Fiat Lux seminar will not count as part of regular workload and will not result in any reduction of teaching responsibilities. Non-ladder faculty, as well as administrators may offer a seminar, but they are not eligible for a chancellor's award.

SPECIAL UPDATE: To show our appreciation for your continuous commitment to the success of this unique program, we are delighted to announce that we will be able to grant ladder faculty with an additional award of $1000 for a second seminar and $500 for a third seminar offered in this 2016-17 academic year.