College Diversity Requirement Committees

Request for Resources
With the passage of the College of Letters and Science Diversity Requirement, the Diversity Initiative Steering Committee (DISC)* is actively seeking proposals from Senate faculty to fund the following efforts:

  1. The development of new undergraduate diversity courses, particularly in the Life and Physical Sciences,
  2. The development of new undergraduate diversity course proposals that draw upon cross-campus, team-taught collaborations,
  3. The reformulation of existing undergraduate courses, in order that they may meet the College Diversity Requirement, and
  4. The expansion of enrollment in certified diversity courses with supplemental TA support.

*DISC is a committee appointed by EVC/Provost Waugh and charged with soliciting and reviewing funding requests for diversity-related activities benefiting College undergraduates. DISC does not assign diversity credit to courses.

Please submit to DISC the following information:
  • A cover memo detailing the resource needs for offering the course
  • An itemized budget
  • A syllabus for the course
  • If this is a new course, please complete the Diversity Course Information Sheet as well.

Routing Procedures
Please submit the complete packet of course materials electronically to Myrna Dee C. Kikuchi. The cover letter should be addressed as follows:

Michael Alfaro, Chair
Diversity Committee
Attn: Myrna Dee C. Kikuchi, Program Representative
A265 Murphy Hall
Mail Code: 157101

For courses requesting diversity credit, the resource requests will be considered after the Undergraduate Council's ad hoc Diversity Committee has made a recommendation. Approval from the Undergraduate Council is required before a course is certified with Diversity credit. Departments, Counselors, and the Registrar’s Office are notified upon approval from the Undergraduate Council.